A2 Hosting / Shared Hosting - When I check my Cert for a domain, it shows all the domains

I am using A2Hosting and they’ve initiated support for LetsEncrypt certs but the problem is that when you check the Cert for a specific domain, you get all the domains under your shared hosting listed in the cert.

Is there any way to fix this other than deactivating their automatic support and go back to generating and updating Certs for individual domains by hand?

that is something to raise with A2Hosting as it’s their internal system that is generating the certificates

let’s encrypt has no control over what the providers request as long as they can prove that they own the domains (which A2HOSTING can as you point your domains to them)


Thanks, that’s what I was thinking. I chatted with their support group and it looks like it’s all or nothing.

It seems like a great solution for a person not comfortable generating and maintaining Certs with a single domain but since I’ve got multiple domains hosted under a shared hosting account not for me.

I’ll have to have them disengage their CPanel connection and generate all the Certs myself.

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