Multiple domains are points to same cert


I’m new to let’s encrypt. I host multiple domains on my account and I created some certificates with the following command.

sudo -H ./letsencrypt-auto certonly --webroot --renew-by-default -d -d

Then I ran this following command.


This installed certificates for all of my other domains. but when I looked at the ssl conf file it’s all pointing to the same cert. it didn’t create individual directories and certs inside /letsencrypt/live. but all are working fine. I’m wondering why all using the same cert? Can somebody help?

I’m running apache server on Ubuntu 16.04

Thank you very much!

what’s your domain name ? then we can check and answer your question

You can also run ./certbot-auto certificates to view the content of all certificates managed by Certbot.

One of my domains is and I have some other domains hosted as well.,,

All SSL are working fine but my problem is all of the above domains are using only one certificate.

They all using’s cert

Certificate Path: /etc/letsencrypt/live/
Private Key Path: /etc/letsencrypt/live/

So, Is this a problem? How can I install separate certs for each domain?

Thank you very much.

They all look as if they are on the one certificate, yes.

It doesn’t matter that they are all on one certificate, no.

As to why ? what was your original command ? did you include all the domains in the list ( which would certainly cause that to happen )

To install separate certificates for each domain, you would need to run the command once for each domain, with only that domains name on it.


Thanks. yes. I selected the all domains in the list. Is there a way to remove all certs? so, I can install them again.


You can delete a specific certificate with ./certbot-auto delete --cert-name (for example). Remember that if the certificate is currently mentioned in any web server configurations those configurations may break when the certificate is deleted.

Thanks you very much!

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