Updating domain list


Is there any way to flush the list of domains that letsencrypt-auto outputs?

I assumed the client scanned the sites-available/sites-enabled folder of the apache2 dir to determine which domains a user might want to issue certs for. But it’s still showing domain names, that once were on my server, but have since been removed from any vhost file.


Are you sure you have removed all references from the sites-available/sites-enabled folders ?

The onlyother thing I can think is if they are sites you had previously issued certs for, then they will be in the /etc/letsencrypt series of folders.


Yup. I am 100% sure they don’t figure in sites-available or sites-enabled, and I’ve never had certs issued for them.


If you’ve never issued tickets for those domains ( so nothing in the /etc/letsencrypt files) and there is nothing in the apache config … I’m not sure how LE is got it’s crystal ball to know about these domains. Hopefully someone else will have a few ideas.


Hello, someone knows how you can see the list of domains with letsencrypt?
Not like seeing the domains that have added.
Thank you.


You could search for your domains at https://crt.sh/ and it will list any that you have had certs for.


Hello, the page is very useful thanks for the information.
And you’d know me if server level you can see all the certificates that I have?
View domains associated with letsencrypt?
Thank you very much.


On the server they are all stored in /etc/letsencrypt/live by default ( so you can just look at what domains are there )


I’ll try thank you very much for your help Serverco.


Hey, it works correctly.
Thank you very much master.


Just today @sahsanu published a very useful third-party tool to help query crt.sh.

However, it doesn’t look at your local system. We are going to develop a program to help do this, but it isn’t ready yet. You can try looking at each /etc/letsencrypt/live/example.com directory and running openssl x509 -in cert.pem -text -noout on the cert.pem in each such directory, but obviously this is quite tedious and doesn’t give the information in a convenient summary form.


Thanks for the info.


I am having this issue right now as well. I installed letsencrypt and ran the initial setup. I then proceeded to make a change in the config of one of my sites. I ran the letsencrypt script and the site I just edited was not listed in the domain list. I canceled the script and edited another site and re-ran the script. The site I just edited no longer showed in the list. As Tize has stated, I wonder how it’s scanning for domains since it’s not seeing the new changes that I have made.


Hello, to see the domains you have to execute the following:



If it does not work, to help advise otherwise.
I plesk use and found an extension that is installed and is more comfortable from there.
You can add domains better.