Get a list of all certificates issued


Is it possible to get a list of all the certificates that have been issued for my user? I’ve got a number of servers and domains and would like to know, for which domains I’ve once requested and been granted Let’s Encrypt certificates.

Yes, I should’ve kept a list for myself, but, well, for whatever reason, I have not :frowning:

Can I somehow find out?


I don’t believe there is a command you can run to find out, no.

Depending on what client you are running, you should be able to get a list from that generally though ( you would need to do it on each server, but should be able to obtain a list that way).

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Too bad, but okay.
Sure, on each server, I can find it out. But, well, that’s annoying :slight_smile:

I was hoping that there might be some site like out there, which would somehow have a listing, or whatnot.
Or maybe a user portal on, which shows that? :slight_smile:

You can get a list of all certificates issued … but it’s how to identify which are yours :wink: You could well have different account keys on different servers etc. Hence it’s pretty much impossible I think - although in many ways would be a nice option.

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Yes, I suppose, you’re right and that this is exactly the reason, why there isn’t such a thing at the moment.

Would be nice, if there were a “user portal” of sorts, where things like this could be made accessible.

No harm in putting in a feature request :wink:

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