A long shot but is there a way for me to configure server to enable older clients access https?

Amazon Instant Access does not support and given Amazon’s state of their API’s I would not be surprised if they are still running on Java 7 (or even 6!).

Their manual states that they do not support letsencrypt

Verbatim: “We recommend purchasing the certificate from reputable sources like GoDaddy, DigiCert
, Comodo and Symantec.
Note: Please avoid certificates from Let’s Encrypt as we do not recognize them currently”

I would rather have plague than purchase a certificate from any of these ‘reputable sources’ not to mention it will break compatibility with our whole network.

Is there anyway I can configure our servers to make these rickety amazon systems compatible?


If this is the case, you will need to seek for other providers. Since let's encrypt only have let's encrypt certificate.

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