Will your SSL work for us with AWS hosting?

We are using SSL Certificates for our websites and we received an email from LetsEncrypt that SSL is expiring on 3rd Feb.

Right now we are using MageMojo hosting for our website. Very soon we are going to switch our hosting to AWS.

My query is regarding SSL certificate. If we change our hosting from Majomojo to AWS. Will your SSL work for us with AWS hosting?

Yes, there are client options for most any environment - https://letsencrypt.org/docs/client-options .

The standard choice (http://certbot.eff.org/) works in most standard Linux environments, such as what is commonly deployed on AWS.


AWS has a lot of services. Some of them have easy and automated integration with Amazon’s CA and certificate service, ACM, For some purposes, it would be easier to use ACM. You might wind up using both.

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