Your Connection is not Private after Installing Let Encrypt SSL

Please my website is facing Connection is not Private issues, I contacted My Host (Godaddy) and they said I contact you because "It is to troubleshoot on the SSL by SSL provider to activate SSL.".

Please Attached are files that shows that error

I hope you will help me fix it

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Welcome @bashgh

I don't see any problem with your site. Your cert was just created yesterday and will not expire for 89 days. Your HTTP site properly redirects to HTTPS.

The screen image you show does not have any error. It is just telling you for the latest info you need to "clicking here". You can also check your server certs on other sites like this one which also says it is fine.

Can you show the screen that has the error about "not private" that you describe?


This is when you are visiting the website this the response

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Your website works fine from my computer.

What is the date and time on that computer? Usually the error about "Cert Date Invalid" is because your machine has wrong date.


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