WWW CNAME and non-WWW certificate

I want to use CNAME so in the event of IP address of the web server changing it does not affect my client websites. 123-REG allows a CNAME for www, I have set this up and got a cert on my web server for the domain (www.example.com). I am pretty sure without DNS I will not get a cert for the non-WWW. How do I get a cert for the non-WWW version (example.com)? If I do internal redirects then the web server still expects a cert for the non-WWW version.

My perfect scenario would be a CNAME for www and certs for both www and non-www versions of a website but not revealing the IP address of the web server (apache).

How am I supposed to connect to a webserver without knowing its IP address?


By using a CNAME for www... how do you think you connect to something like Shopify - all you do is add a CNAME record for www and they do the rest. I am trying to achieve the same thing.

Shopify has an A record. a CNAME just maps to an A record for an IP anyway. CNAME are usually used for subdomains.

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I still get an IP address if you use a CNAME.


You are trying to CNAME your domain to your domain.
The "they" becomes "you".
You will be, so called, "hiding" the "www" with the unhidden "domain".
[not that CNAME actually ever "hides" anything]

If you want to know the IP of any FQDN, just ask DNS:
dig myname.shopify.com
nslookup myname.shopify.com

The Internet is a huge connection of IP networks.
The "names" are for the benefit of "humans"; but they really don't exist [in the source nor destination].
Without a destination IP, you won't get anywhere.


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