Wix ssl and cpanel letsencrypt

I have my website on wix and my mail on cpanel. How can i use the cpanel letsencrypt to get the ssl working for mail and let the website get a cert from wix? I have tried to generate the cert without the website portion but it keeps referencing the website to generate the ssl.
my dns is with wix and points to my cpanel for mail

My domain is: bloomcoffee.co.za

I ran this command:

It produced this output:

My web server is (include version): Apache 2.4

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version): Centos 7

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: Webstyles Internet Solutions

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don’t know): no

I’m using a control panel to manage my site (no, or provide the name and version of the control panel): Cpanel 80.0.23

The version of my client is (e.g. output of certbot --version or certbot-auto --version if you’re using Certbot):

The trick to doing this is to create a separate subdomain for mail.bloomcoffee.co.za in cPanel.

That way, it will change from being an alias of your main domain, to being a standalone virtual host.

Once you’ve done that, try issuing the SSL certificate for mail.bloomcoffee.co.za without the main domain included.

Hi @webstyles

checking your domain looks you have already all you need ( https://check-your-website.server-daten.de/?q=bloomcoffee.co.za):

Issuer not before not after Domain names LE-Duplicate next LE
Let's Encrypt Authority X3 2019-06-19 2019-09-17 bloomcoffee.co.za, www.bloomcoffee.co.za
2 entries
Let's Encrypt Authority X3 2019-05-12 2019-08-10 cpanel.bloomcoffee.co.za, mail.bloomcoffee.co.za, webmail.bloomcoffee.co.za
3 entries
Let's Encrypt Authority X3 2019-04-20 2019-07-19 bloomcoffee.co.za, www.bloomcoffee.co.za
2 entries
Let's Encrypt Authority X3 2019-04-20 2019-07-19 bloomcoffee.co.za, www.bloomcoffee.co.za
2 entries
Let's Encrypt Authority X3 2019-03-16 2019-06-14 autodiscover.bloomcafe.co.za, bloomcafe.bloomcoffee.co.za, bloomcafe.co.za, cpanel.bloomcafe.co.za, mail.bloomcafe.co.za, webdisk.bloomcafe.co.za, webmail.bloomcafe.co.za, www.bloomcafe.bloomcoffee.co.za, www.bloomcafe.co.za
9 entries

Your website uses a certificate with non-www and www, the website is secure.

Your older cPanel-certificate has the www and non-www. But your newer cPanel certificate

cpanel.bloomcoffee.co.za, mail.bloomcoffee.co.za, webmail.bloomcoffee.co.za

is already reduced, without the two domain names you use with your Wix.

So try to renew that certificate - 2019-05-12 -> 2019-08-10.

if i use the default settings for letsencrypt and the domain without www i get:

Error issuing certificate
Failed to issue certificate
Updating challenge for autodiscover.bloomcoffee.co.za: acme: error code 400 "urn:ietf:params:acme:error:connection": dns :: DNS problem: NXDOMAIN looking up A for autodiscover.bloomcoffee.co.za (order URL: https://acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/acme/order/44113956/852255857)

if i create the subdomain as mail.bloomcoffee.co.za then the cert goes through but is somewhere still calling one of my other domains cert when browsing to the https://mail.bloomcoffee.co.za

That error isn't surprising. If you're not hosting your DNS with cPanel, you'll need to create all of the proxy subdomains (such as autodiscover) in Wix DNS if you leave "Add cPanel subdomains" ticked.

What do you mean? To me, it looks like it worked perfectly - it's using a certificate with only mail.bloomcoffee.co.za. Same if I connect over SMTPS or STARTTLS SMTP.

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