Win-acme not working on windows 10

I have my website hosted on my windows server (XAMPP on windows 10) and I saw the solution to installing letsencrypt certs on xampp with autorenew, I imitated the instructions in that solution from the community thread, but when I open wacs.exe, it says 4.7.2 not installed, and when I try to install that version of .net, windows says “You have a later version of it already installed on your device”. Please help me. Can it work if I rather have the entire installation moved to a windows server 2012 computer? (Though, as long as the cert’s validity is fixed to 90 days, renewing it manually won’t be a problem)

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Hi @theaaradhyachauhan

looks like you have

  • a new .NET-version installed
  • but your wacs.exe doesn’t use it, instead, a too old version is used.

So check the config file of your wacs.exe, so the newer version is used. That’s a general problem using different .NET versions.

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@JuergenAuer Sir I tried installing .NET for windows and it failed. Every version (incl 4.8) said “your system does not meet the requirements to install this software” and when i change the config file to a yet previous version than the default specification (which is not recommended as the software requires that default version in minimum), it opens successfully but soon after opening, it says wacs.exe stopped working. I think i should try it on windows server version instead, should i give it a try? Thank you in advance, for all the help and support. By the way, it wont be a problem till 90 day validity is fixed, but I’m just curious to know as i always am, sir.

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Please help me regarding .net issues :cry:

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Sorry, but I have no idea about your configuration.


says: Your system doesn’t work properly. Is there a correct licence? I use Windows server, .NET is preinstalled, every update works.

Check a Windows-forum to fix your OS.

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I use windows 10 pro. Maybe its not meant to run wacs.exe, I should try it on windows server 2012 r2. Is server 2012 r2 good for it?

Then you should have all you need. And the installation of an older .NET is blocked because you have already the newest version.

As written: Then your wacs.exe is wrong configured if wacs doesn’t find the required .NET version. Update it or check the Microsoft documentation to change your config file.

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