Wildcard SSL cert in docker-Nginx

-My domain is: I have multiple sub-domains(more than 20)

-The operating system my web server runs on is : The Nginx container runs under EC2-Linux server

-My domain provider is Domainnameshop but it manages on AWS-Route53

-I can not login to a root shell on my machine, because I’m using a Nginx-Docker container as a reverse proxy for my domains

I have a Ngix docker container as a Reverse Proxy for my sub-domains (that each of them are pointing to a docker-service on Docker-Cloud). I have more than 20 domains which I need SSL cert for them. As I’ve searched the following link gives some information regarding the setup:

But what I’m not sure is how I can set it up for a wildcard certificate? like *.domain.no
And also what would be the value of “volume–from” in this case? How the nginx container can read the certificate files from certbot container?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Can’t do wildcard certs with LE SSL

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