Wildcard Certificates

I have a network at home that I use for both Personal use and testing. I have been using my internal CA to create certificates for my Exchange server and creating LE certs for my load balancers. I now have a need to have my Certificates on exchange be LE certs. I thought at first it would be helpful to do a wildcard cert as my exchange server FQDNs are homename.ad.domain.com and the external urls are outlook.domain.com and autodiscover.domain.com however when I applied the certificate to my exchange server Chrome and Edge started flagging the OWA and ECP sites when access internally as having invalidly signed certificates. If I tried to connect to them via the External URLs they where fine. I have never used wildcard certs before so I am not sure if I did something wrong or if the certificate is working the way it should. Another odd thing I found was that if I did not create the DNS TXT entry in both my internal DNS and external DNS the creation failed.

A wildcard cert for *.domain.com will cover outlook.domain.com and autodiscover.domain.com, but not homename.ad.domain.com (nor will it cover domain.com).

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