Use wildcard certificate on a public server and on a local server


I have some kind of staging and local develpment setup, where specific subdomains point to different servers. So I’d like to use one wildcard-certificate for * on both servers.

is on the Google Cloud Computing engine and serves all * requests. So work fine and the certificate is valid.

is on my local computer (which has a dynamic public IP). So I’ve set up a DDNS, with an A-record, which points all * requests to my public IP.

I’ve set up my routers port forwarding from 4000 ->

So requests to are served correctly as it’s supposed to be, except that I get an invalide certificate error.
Though I use the same certificates on Server-B as I use on Server-A.

Is it even possible to use Let’s Encrypt in that way?


Hi @ad-on-is

That doesn’t work.

* works with, but not with

You need a wildcard-certificate for *

With that it should work.


Aaah… I see… thank you :wink:
I will try get my TXT-records to work properly on my local machine, so that I can issue a new wildcard certificate.


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