One domain, two servers with wildcard

So I have this domain
Now this domain’s A record points to a windows server that has the wildcard certificate (*

Now this domain has also subdomains, such as (points to heroku in CNAME)

So the wildcard certificate is important.

Now if I have 2 other sudomains, let’s say and, both point with an A record to a linux server, and I want this linux server to use the certificate (the wildcard one from the main domain), how should I approach this? Can I just install a fresh new CertBot on the linux server with a wildcard (*, and it will work? Or will it somehow collide with the windows server certificate?

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Hi @BoazKG93

you can. But there are some rate limits:

Max. 5 identical certificates per week.

Simple solution (if possible): Copy the created certificate (+ the private key) to you other machine and use the same certificate. Then you need only one wildcard certificate.

Or create one certificate with all domain names used with the linux system and http validation: +

Then the Windows system uses dns validation, the Linux system http validation. And there is no name overlapping and no certificate copy is required.

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