Chrome cannot recognize wildcard certificate


I’ve requested a wildcard certificate for my domain Everything is ok. I did the Apache configuration, ok too. But when I open an URL, it return that certificate is not valid…

From Chrome (F12->Security->View certificate)
DNS name=*

When I open Chrome says that the certificate is invalid, that it is for


Note: for and works, but it’s a different IP, but same Apache config.

Any ideias? :frowning:

Hi @ArvyRogerio,

Wildcard certificates are only valid for one level of subdomains. E.g. a certificate for [, * ] is only valid for,,, etc. It won't be valid for

For that you would need two wildcards, e.g. a certificate for [, *,, * ]

This is a limitation true for all wildcard certificates, not just those issued by Let's Encrypt.

For your specific case you would need to add a wildcard for * to your certificate to cover

I hope that helps!


Aww! :disappointed_relieved:

Didn’t know… sorry. :disappointed:

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No need to apologize! You're certainly not the first person to stumble across this and it definitely isn't intuitive! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Anyway, your tip fixed my problem. I just regenerated the certificate as you mentioned:

certbot (…) -d -d * -d *

And now it’s working! Thanks! :clap:

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