Wild Card SSL Cpanel Support

My domain is: seniorshelpingseniors.com

My web server is (include version): Cpanel

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: InMotion Hosting

I can’t get any answers from InMotion hosting related to the new Acme V2 that supports wildcard SSL. Any insight into if LetsEncrypt needs to be updated in Cpanel, or how to install a wildcard SSL. Does LetsEncrypt that is installed in Cpanel already work or does it need a change to support the wildcards?

Hi @adam320,

I would ask on the cPanel forums instead of here. From a thread in February

it was apparently not yet supported at that time (maybe there’s some progress since then).

Getting a wildcard certificate from Let’s Encrypt requires making DNS updates, something that is harder to do from a control panel if your web hosting provider isn’t the same as your DNS provider. So this might be a complex feature to implement and not necessarily available in every configuration.

The cpanel forum says to ask at the LetsEncrypt forum

I’m not sure why that should be. We can confirm that wildcard certificates are available and that lots of people are using them successfully (with other kinds of client software), but we don’t really have a way to add wildcard support to cPanel by ourselves because we don’t develop cPanel. :slight_smile:

If there are cPanel developers who’d like any advice on the wildcard integration, we’d be very happy to work with them.


As a cPanel / whm user, I don’t think it’s currently available (at least to autossl) since plugins are mainly using http validation for certificate use and Let’s Encrypt currently only support DNS-01 validation.

Also, according to this post, as of cPanel v58, they will ignore wildcard domains (https://forums.cpanel.net/threads/autossl-fails-on-wildcard-subdomains.556321/)

Thank you

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