Help need to implement wildcard certificate to my website

My domain name is and it has city based sub domain and i need to implement wildcard certificate and i am using vestacp as my control panel and it has inbuilt feature to add certificate but not for wildcard so please help me to add manually wildcard certificate to my domain and also subdomain

Hi @xookrfans,

Let’s Encrypt does not offer any wildcard certificates yet. They will become available only at the end of February. The wildcard functionality in Let’s Encrypt is still in an implementation and testing phase.

If you need a wildcard certificate before that, you should get one from a paid CA that already offers wildcards.

Hi @schoen,

First thanks for your faster reply…

i read this

Let’s Encrypt will begin issuing wildcard certificates in January of 2018.

so thought it is available …no probs i will wait till Feb end.

can you please tell me implementing wildcard will be as simple as normal certificate implemetation or ?

Yes, I guess we’ve had some schedule updates since then. :slight_smile:

There are currently two methods that can be used to prove control of a domain, called HTTP-01 and DNS-01. (There was previously another method which has recently been discontinued.) The HTTP-01 method requires you to post a specific file on a web server in order to prove control of the domain, while the DNS-01 method requires you to create a specific record in your DNS zone in order to prove control of the domain.

Currently more people use the HTTP-01 method because it’s often easier to update website content than to update DNS records. Control panel integration and other Let’s Encrypt client applications more often support the HTTP-01 method.

The DNS-01 method is going to be a requirement for getting wildcard certificates, so many control panels and so on will not initially have native support for it. This will basically require a DNS provider API for updates. Some DNS providers have that and others don’t, and so the ability to get wildcards will depend both on client software updates (to improve support for automated DNS zone changes) and on particular DNS providers’ ability to make those changes in an appropriate, compatible way.

So the simplest answer to your question is “no, it will be supported by only some client software and in only some hosting configurations”.

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ok thanks for the clarification…let me wait till this month end and also see what vestacp team is also going to modify for this.

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