Why LE“s database server is filled with SSDs?

while I reread the article about le DB server

, I noticed that the are full with ssds , like 90TB raw on old one and 150TB on new one. while usable size it be about halfed after raid config like 10 but still wonder why storage size requirements grown, as it wouldn't need to load anything except accounts from older then 90 days. did it hourd all the record from the beginning include old challege/order/etc?

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It’s less about capacity than about performance: more drives mean the I/O load is more spread out.

Capacity used to be more of a concern as we didn’t prune old data very aggressively, but we’ve improved that.


I recon Let's Encrypt needs to keep logs/DB content around longer than the lifetime of a certificate? As BR violations could also be found after the certificate has already expired and if I were one of the CA/Browser forum members, I'd like to know the ins and outs of the incident.. So keeping logs around a little bit longer would make sense to me.


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