Why is SiteGround having such issues with automatically renewing Let's Encrypt! SSL tickets?


Exactly. We are still experiencing the same problems aswell. Now have decided to move most of my domain name registrations to another registrar. This has been going on for far to long now.


Yeah, it’s pretty obscene that this is still an issue after all this time.

We’re literally having to schedule someone to manually update these close to when they need to renew. It’s a needless waste of our time and resources, and SiteGround needs to get their shit together, or just not offer this, cause I’m just as well off installing these certs on my own at this point since I have to wait for someone at SG to manually install these now.

Just seems shitty that we don’t have any sort of solution after five months, didn’t realize this was such an issue. Does other providers that use Let’s Encrypt! have this issue as well?


Hi cucumberandco,

We fully understand that automatic certificate renewals are important for our clients and we have been working on this with priority so that we can implement a permanent solution.
Please note we have a dedicated team that is now conducting extensive tests for a fix we have found to the problem to make sure there will be no issues before we deploy it on our servers. The reason it is taking longer time is that Let’s Encrypt certificates are widely used by our clients in a variety of setups and our goal is to make sure it works correctly for all of them.
We were one of the first hosts to integrate Let’s Encrypt certificates on our servers. As an open source solution it allowed us to develop in-house tools and customization to make the certificates pre-installed on all hosting accounts and easy to use for our customers. We have seen a very high adoption rate of Let’s Encrypt among our clients and for the processing of the big volume of renewals we had to make adjustments that resulted in some disruptions in the automatic functionalities.
Our team is available 24/7 if you need further assistance on Let’s Encrypt issues on your account with us.

SiteGround Team


I have the same issue on most of my sites (30+) and it is very annoying. I have to manually checks the sites every 90 days or wait for my clients to complain and then lose a lot of time renewing them one by one. As with the other customers, I just get the standard reply from Siteground. Very disappointing.


I just signed up to keep this issue open;
We have 4 cloud servers and a dedicated server with Siteground (a few hundred domains) and the failure of Lets Encrypt certificates to renew automatically causes huge problems. Some domains use CloudFlare, others not. Haven’t been able to identifiy the root cause of the problem yet (that’s what I was trying to do when I found this thread).
The only upside is that SiteGround support always fixes the problem very quickly, but it’s a real pain…
Siteground, if you read this, please find a permanent solution !


Hi @steve77,

I’m happy to say that SiteGround is working tirelessly to implement a permanent solution and I’m glad that support was able to help you!



Hi Steve,

We want to apologize for the inconvenience caused by the automatic renewals of Let’s Encrypt certificates not functioning properly.
We have found a fix to the problem and we are in the process of uploading it to our servers.
Please note that our clients use Let’s Encrypt in a big variety of setups depending on their sites’ structures and to make sure that everything will be working correctly after that our team is performing extensive tests before deploying the code. For this reason, the process is taking longer time.

We would like to review your accounts and check their status with regard to the fix application if you give us more information about the cloud and dedicated servers you have with us. Please send us the accounts details at reviews@siteground.com.

SiteGround Team

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SiteGround is still failing to automatically renew certificates.

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Same renewal issue my end on around 15 websites. I’ve been manually renewing the Let’s Encrypt certs for a few months now…it’s painful.

As others have stated Siteground do offer great support when needed but this issue shouldn’t be happening and is wasting time and resources for a lot of businesses including my own.

I’m yet to be offered a solution.


I opened a SiteGround GoGeeks shared hosting account in late 2017. I have only a half-dozen sites that use Let’s Encrypt SSL certs. Like others report, they each expire after 90 days despite the documentation to the contrary. This has been the case since I joined SiteGround.

And lately, I am unable to manually renew or create a new Let’s Encrypt cert without following up with a customer support rep (CSR) via chat, etc. Requests for new or renewed certs seem to go into the queue and never escape. CSRs seem to deny or downplay the problem. It’s tiring and makes us look like amateurs to our customers.

To the SiteGround users here: at least update your product info and support documentation so your account owners are not getting false information. Let’s Encrypt was one of the reasons I chose SiteGround and I’m wondering if it’s time to look elsewhere.

Anyone know if other web hosting companies have similar SSL services that actually work as advertised? Thanks in advance!


I just opened a siteground cloud hosting account after talking with their sales chat people. I was on wpengine and my site has grown to over 100,000 hits/month. SG assured me that letsencrypt would work seamlessly just as on wpengine. 1/3 the cost of WPengine per month plus letsencrypt works just as well as on WPengine? Sign me up!

It has been a full 24 hours since site migration, and despite numerous support requests, letsencrypt still does not work on my site. The last communication from Siteground support was 4 hours ago, telling me that they are implementing the letsencrypt certificate and that they will update me as soon as it’s working.

…I left the computer to eat dinner and go to a class to unwind, thinking the SG support folks would have everything working. Everyone always talks about how speedy and wonderful Siteground support is.

Letsencrypt is still not working on my site. We have already lost a full day’s sales due to our site not being encrypted.

I am quickly beginning to regret going with Siteground. Yes, they’re cheaper, but I’ve never had anything take this long to resolve on WPEngine.

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