Where to store cloudflare.ini


I'm a newbie on Ubuntu and Certbot.
Just finished the install of snapd, certbot and the cloudflare-plugin.
Next is creating cloudflare.ini and adding the credentials.

What is the recommended folder is for the cloudflare.ini file?
Other then the home-folder of a regular user - even if it is root?

I'm using certbot with the proxy known as SWAG (in a Docker container).
Within this countainer I found cloudflare.ini in the folder /config/dns-conf.

With warm regards - Will

The documentation at Welcome to certbot-dns-cloudflare’s documentation! — certbot-dns-cloudflare 0 documentation suggests ~/.secrets/certbot/

Where ~ is probably the home of the root user. Not sure if ~ is properly expanded when using sudo though.

Edit: some tests suggest ~ is not expanded to /root/ when using sudo, keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Personally I just store everything in /etc/letsencrypt/ with the proper rights (600) of course.


Thank you for the quick and to the point response.

I found the certbot install in the /root-folder (i.e. ./snap/certbot).

The folder /etc/letsencrypt doesn't exist unless certbot is actually used.
So I'm not sure if that is a good idea when using "certbot delete" and the choose all.

I guess I will start with the /root-approach and see how far this brings me.

Cheers - Will

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I'm not familiar with that directory and I wouldn't recommend putting stuff in there manually.

I'm pretty sure Certbot won't delete the entire directory when deleting certificates. The delete subcommand is only used to delete certificates.


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