How to move installation directory

I currently have the certbot directory installed in my user home directory on a Ubuntu server. Can I safely move it to another location, e.g., /etc/certbot without breaking it? Since I upgraded to certbot, do I need to keep my /etc/letsencrypt directory?

/etc/letsencrypt is where certbot stores configuration files as well as your certificates and keys. That directory hasn’t changed with the certbot rename, and will continue working as-is (the format is backwards-compatible, though there might be some issues if you’re migrating from very old versions of letsencrypt - unlikely if you were using letsencrypt-auto with its auto-update feature previously).

I’m assuming you’re talking about moving the certbot-auto wrapper script. You can move it anywhere you like, though I would not recommend /etc/certbot, as binaries and scripts are not typically stored in /etc (with a few exceptions). /usr/local/bin or /opt might be a good fit if you’d like to move it out of your home directory.

Note that certbot-auto will still use ~/.local as the internal installation path for certbot and its dependencies. I’m not aware of any way of changing that path with certbot-auto.

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