Where does one request a blacklist removal?

I have problems getting a certificate for the domain “explore-the-north.nl”.
“Error creating new cert :: policy forbids issuing for:”

Is there a page for a blacklist removal request?


Hi @peter2,

This is the right place to request a removal.

This domain isn't actually on the policy lists anywhere! So in this case there's nothing to be done from our side.

I checked our server-side logs and was able to see more context for this error:

400 :: urn:acme:error:malformed :: Error creating new cert :: policy forbids issuing for: \"explore the north\""

It looks like the policy error is actually for a domain you specified with some spaces in it, and we can't issue for that domain because it isn't a valid domain.

I would recommend you double check the way you're invoking your ACME client.

Are you using Certbot? If you specify more information someone may be able to help you figure out where this misconfigured domain name is coming from.

Hope that helps!

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Alternately, did you create a CSR file by hand or using some kind of CSR-creation service and specify “explore the north” as the value for one of the fields?

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Found the problem. Thank you. I screwed up the ‘common name’.

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Glad to hear you got it sorted out! :tada:

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