Please help me to request a blacklist removal?

I have problems getting a certificate for the domains “,,,,,”.
“Error creating new cert :: policy forbids issuing for:”

Is there a page for a blacklist removal request?
Thanks you

It is most likely not a blacklist issue, but you created your CSR wrong.

Domains need to be included individually on a CSR, you cannot just list them using commas on the command line.

Review something like to see how to do it with openssl.

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Hi pro,
This is a picture
I click save -> error

I think the problem is with your Common Name field. The software interface that you’re using should probably not even allow you to choose the value for this field; it should probably choose one automatically to avoid this error.

For historical reasons, the Common Name in a certificate needs to be one of the domain names that the certificate covers. In your screenshot, you chose thuexeotosaigon as the Common Name, but this is not valid because it’s not a complete domain name. Probably you should specify as the Common Name, or leave this field blank if the interface allows you to do that.

Despite the term Common Name, which sounds like it would mean “informal name” or “short name” or something, the historical practice with certificates requires that it must be a DNS domain name, if it’s present. So I think the problem you’re encountering here is that thuexeotosaigon, by itself, isn’t a DNS domain name.

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Yes, that right. because Common name: I replace Common name with: is success
Thanks for suppor


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