When will certs for xn--5tzm5g be available


I’m using Dehydrated to request the cert. I’m getting …

“type”: “urn:acme:error:malformed”,
“detail”: “Name does not end in a public suffix”,
“status”: 400

Any idea of when this name will be available?


Hi @chrskly,

It was originally slated for this week’s release but we had to cancel it due to some unrelated operational problems that were encountered.

It should be in the Thursday Dec 8th release if nothing else pops up first. I recommend you subscribe to our status updates and watch for a build with a changelog that includes commit 8b7a6b39fdbae62f66a2bae495ff318329df8e28.

Thanks for your patience! We know there are a number of folks waiting for IDN top level domain support.


Hi @cpu

Awesome, thanks a lot for the update. I’ll keep an eye out for that update. Appreciate the help.



Hmm. The next December 12th is a Monday. The next Thursday December 12th is in 2019. Let’s hope we can do better than that?


Edited to December 8th. Thanks


The update was rolled out successfully today (thanks, @cpu). People have been getting IDN TLD certs successfully today!


Successfully generated a cert. Thanks all.


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