What Happens When My Certificate Expires?


Currently, I have an SSL certificate solely for logging on Webmin via https. I also have another SSL certificate for my actual Website.

The SSL certificate for Webmin is under the domain www.resurrectedhair.net whereas for my website it’s under resurrectedhair.net.

I am trying to update the Webmin certificate so that the domain doesn’t show “www” but from my understanding, once a certificate issued there’s no way to change the domain name.

If I deliberately wait until the certificate expires 3 months from now, will I be able to request a new certificate but only this time under a NEW domain name, which doesn’t contain the subdomain “www”?

Any help would be kindly appreciated as I am still new to encryption!


It sounds like you may be trying to keep your Webmin control panel secret by not showing the hostname (“www”) in your main certificate. Is that true? If so, this is probably not a worthwhile security measure. The “www” domain is easy to guess, and your login is password protected anyhow. I’d recommend continuing to use both www.resurrectedhair.net and resurrectedhair.net on a single certificate, and have them both show your website.

If this is indeed what you want to do, you don’t need to wait 3 months. So long as you haven’t hit your rate limits, you can issue new, separate certificates today. Once you’ve done that, you won’t want to wait 3 months between renewals. You should renew every 2 months, to ensure you have a month of leeway in case anything goes wrong. Ideally your software should be able to automate this for you.

Hi jsha,

Thank you for responding.

Regarding your first comment, my concern is unrelated to security. It’s more cosmetic. I am trying to keep everything in sync. I already have an SSL certificate for my WordPress website under resurrectedhair.net so I was trying to have the same domain for the Webmin certificate. When I first enabled Lets Encrypt for Webmin, I accidentally included the www because I was following a tutorial to the letter. I wasn’t thinking straight and that costed me my sanity for consistency.

The way it’s currently set up is displayed in Pic 1 below:

I didn’t add resurrectedhair.net on the same certificate when I first created one for www…If I wanted to add resurrectedhair.net on the same certificate as www… what do I need to do?

If I try adding that new domain like displayed in Pic 2:

and click the Request Certificate button I get an error message (see Pic 3):

Even if delete the domain name www… in the hostnames for certificate box, I still get that same error message. Would I need to just add the new domain in that box and click on the Just Update Renewal button to add resurrectedhair.net to the current issued certificate for www…?

I appreciate the kind and patient help!


I’m afraid I don’t know enough about Webmin to answer your question, but hopefully someone will be along soon who can help. If Webmin has a support forum, you could try there too. Best luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks jsha for trying anyways. I will give it shot

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