What does the --email flag actually do when using lego to renew certs?

Another dev set up bitnami and Lego to manage and renew our Lets Encrypt certificates. They used their own email address in the renewal script:

lego --email="<theiraddress@email.com>" --domains="mydomain.com" --domains="www.mydomain.com" --path="/etc/lego" renew

Is there any harm in leaving that address there? Will it break the renewal if I just change the line in the script? If I actually need to re-register a different email with my domain, what steps would I need to follow?

Thanks in advance!

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Edit: my previous response was wrong.

If you change --email in the script, it will register a new ACME account, and you will receive expiry reminders on that new email address, from the next time you renew the certificate.


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