Website is not Trusted | Https unsave Connection


To start I want to say thanks for this awesome project!

Now… I have set up letsencrypt but my website is not trusted.

(Sorry for this german pic)

But this Cert is from LetsEncrypt
This Certificate may only be relied upon by Relying Parties and only in accordance with the Certificate Policy found at

basicly I don’t know what I can do about it.

Sorry for being so dump. :smiley:

did you specify the server?
and are you whitelisted?

There are two possibilities I can think of right now:

  • Let’s Encrypt is currently still in a closed beta, did you sign up here: and request your domain(s) to be whitelisted?

  • Did you specify the correct ACME server with your certificate creation? --server is necessary to get the valid certificate.

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Ouh, yes I did sign up, but maybe it takes a while to be whitelisted :smiley:

Ahm, I used ./letsencrypt-auto. I think I dont have to specify it there, right?

I just used ./letsencrypt-auto and used the Forms there.
I think I am, yes

you get an email when you are clear, so wait for that or dec3 then it will be public beta.
also you have to specify the server, at least for now

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okay, thank you!
I’ll wait for the email.

Could you help me with specifying the server? :grin:

Im a total newbie

you get the full command in the email and the server part ig highlighted in yellow so it should be hard to miss, but as of now when you are not whitelisted specifying the server wouldnt help anyway, since the server sees that you arent whitelisted.

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