Virtualmin: Failed to request certificate

I installed Virtumin on a new CentOS 7 VPS (from the beginning), I requested a new SSL certificate for my domain and got the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/libexec/webmin/webmin/”, line 198, in
File “/usr/libexec/webmin/webmin/”, line 194, in main
signed_crt = get_crt(args.account_key, args.csr, args.acme_dir, log=LOGGER,, disable_check=args.disable_check, directory_url=args.directory_url,
File “/usr/libexec/webmin/webmin/”, line 143, in get_crt
raise ValueError(“Wrote file to {0}, but couldn’t download {1}: {2}”.format(wellknown_path, wellknown_url, e))
ValueError: Wrote file to /home/dehxar/public_html/.well-known/acme-challenge/lq47nLTpQyaFLp6r2qrh5OJDP1E2-2Rnl0DR89aVvtg, but couldn’t download
, DNS-based validation failed : Failed to request certificate :
usage: [-h] --account-key ACCOUNT_KEY --csr CSR --acme-dir
ACME_DIR [–quiet] [–disable-check]
[–directory-url DIRECTORY_URL] [–ca CA]
[–contact [CONTACT [CONTACT …]]] error: argument --acme-dir is required

Please guide me how to to resolve this issue. Thank You!

Hi @premoonie

there are some topics with the same problem.



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