Virtual Hosts with mixed SSL

Right now I am running two websites on my server using virtual hosting on an apache2 system. One, “” has a ssl through LE. The second, “” does not. Both are working fine. When I attempt to add a third website, “”, it is redirecting to “”, although “” is showing in the address bar, with the https crossed out.

I cannot find a solution on the web, but I have found other people with the same problem. I figured that I would fix it by just getting a cert for “” but I am failing the well-known acme challenge because of the redirect. Any suggestions?

Check that all the domain names are spelled correctly in your Apache configuration, especially in the ServerName / ServerAlias directives.

If that doesn’t help, could you post the configuration for the three virtual hosts here?

hmmm that is not how a redirect works

I think you are mistaking a redirect with a re-write

As a sample go to and see what happens :smiley:


I decided to just buy a new domain name that was alphabetically after the one that I have ssl for. That worked.

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