SSL not covering all domains


I recently added an SSL Cert for I setup some redirects in the htaccess file so that
the http:// and http://www redirect to https://. Those all work fine except doesn’t work.

I generated this mod_rewrite from a site which should redirect but it doesn’t.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.communitysolutionse\.com$
RewriteRule ^$ [L,R=301]

Does this have to do with incorrectly setting up the SSL or with domain redirection? I’m totally new to this and pretty lost. This is hosted on Media Temple and it’s a Joomla site. Let me know if any more details are needed. Thanks in advance for any advice.


It seems that you applied two certificate on the same domain (one for www, one for root)

You might want to merge the two certificate since it would save time when renewing...

How did you request the certificate? (Command line? Website? Or buttons on your hosting?)

Not really... But you could change the redirection a little but after request a two in one certificate (one cert cover both www and root)

Thank you

Thanks for the response.

I required the certificate from this website:
So if I request a new certificate, what would I put in for the domain name? or Or do I separate these by commas or something?


In that website, you would need to generate a csr containing both domains (one as common name & another one as subject alternative name)

Personally suggest this tool:

Or, if you want to keep your account keys, try this one:

Remember: you need to input both hostname into the domain bar.

Thank you

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Not quite - you need both as subject alternative names. The common name field is deprecated, and not acknowledged in many modern browsers. All names must be included in the subject alternative names field to be considered valid, even for a single-domain certificate.


Got it! Thanks for the help guys!

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