SSL not working

My domain is:
Hosted on Godaddy shared hosting, using Cpanel (won’t run certbot)

Cert was created via
and covers both and

Previous certs created via ZeroSSL worked fine.

Any help will be much appreciated!

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No, it doesn’t.

Your latest certificate which is currently in use is only valid for But because you have a redirect to in place, everybody will get a certificate error.

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Welcome @jfurlong :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t dismay the man right out of the gate @Osiris. :wink:


Osiris is absolutely right though. We can see at that your certificate only covers You need to issue a new certificate that includes both and We can certainly help you do that.

Just want to be very clear about where the issue lies. I’ve seen people here on the community persevere in inadequate assumptions, which would delay the right action.

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So true. Sometimes a giant :stop_sign: is needed.

Adequate solutions are preferable even if they hurt someone’s feelings
I redid the SSL feeding the domain instead of and that appears to have worked.

Nothing like changing a process under pressure to cause you to make a mistake.

Help much appreciated, folks!

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Wouldn’t you rather have one certificate with both hostnames? The site you’re using does allow you to input multiple hostnames at the same time by separating them with a comma it seems.

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I’m REALLY hoping that you submitted your own certificate signing request (CSR). If their website generated it for you internally then they also generated the private key that goes with it, which means that your website would then have no security.

That’s an exaggeration. It means that the operator of the shieldsigned site (or somebody else with access to their server infrastructure) could have maliciously kept a copy of the private key and would then be able to use it to intercept communications to the jimmymackhealing site if they were also in the right place on the network to do so or could somehow tamper with its DNS records.

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Very true. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m just trying to generally steer people away from sites that generate their private keys for them.

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