Certificate name mismatch


I have previously used LetsEncrypt to install a certificate for a single site on my VPS (Ubuntu 16.04) running

./certbot-auto --apache -d somedomain.com -d www.somedomain.com

For this site I am redirecting all traffic to https://somedomain.com

Everything was fine. I have my virtual hosts set up to achieve what I need (all traffic to https://)

I then wanted to create a second SSL this time wanting to redirect all traffic to https://www.anotherdomain.com

Not sure if it makes any difference or not but this time i ran

./certbot-auto --apache -d www.anotherdomain.com -d anotherdomain.com

I’m not sure at all of the correct way to redirect all traffic to https://www (could this be the cause of the problem?) but in any event, when I run the check in ssllabs.com I get a certificate name mismatch for www.anotherdomain.com - with a message saying “try these other domain names extracted from the certificates” - which are somedomain.com and www.somedomain.com

If I run the same test on somedomain.com I don’t get this issue

I’m new to this - could anyone guide me on what I’m doing wrong here?

Many thanks in advance.

Without the names in question, it’s exceptionally difficult for anyone to help you. It sounds like your SSL config got messed up somewhere, but maybe it’s a bad redirect, or something else entirely. Could you post your real domain name? (It’s already irreversibly public in the Certificate Transparency logs anyway.) Posting Apache configs would also help, as it’s likely a config issue somewhere.


Many thanks for getting back - sorry about the lack of info, wasnt sure how much to give.

Will get back shortly


I changed things slightly by deleting the certificates issued and starting again. This time, for the second domain I’ve issued them under non www, and used the same virtual hosts configuration as for the first domain where all traffic is redirected to http://. As a result, the tests are passing on ssl labs for both.

So it’s possible the problem was in my virtual hosts file in the attempt to redirect all traffic to https://www rather than https:// – I will take another look at this,

Hi, sorry about this - got everything working ok now – not sure what was wrong with the original configuration.

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