View certificates

How I can view the content of the certificates in Debian 9? I rented a cloud server, but I need to copy/paste the content of the PEM files. How I do it/.?

Any text editor will do if the certificates are in PEM format.

The files are in the Debian server, so I need to open from there

Do you have access to the server?
Do you know where the files are now?
Do you know where they need to be copied to?

…why not just get a new cert?..

The answer stays the same.

.... do you know how to show file contents on a linux machine?

In terminal, pick your preferred text editor: vim, nano, emacs, etc.

If you are running debian on your local machine with a gui, there should be a default text editor it uses.

Or use cat /path/to/cert/file.pem to display it on the command line.

If you want to transfer to another server, you can use rsync to transfer files.


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