Very often problems with website access


We added Let’s Encrypt to our platform 4 days ago. We have very often problems with the access to the website. Right now it is not working. It works for 2,3 hours and don’t work for the next 1 or 2. Is there some problem? Https - not working now again.


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The platform is on private server, and i dont know the details :frowning: I just wanted to ask if there are known issues about certs created this month… Fixed! Server problem…


PS. I disabled HTTPS redirect, so now http works


hi @netrevo

looks like you are using Apache

Highly unlikely that the certificate is causing an issue

Usually the renewal process should load the certificate and you may need to restart the server

Do you have the error messages?

Do you know if they are using load balancers?

Can you paste the config file?

Unfortunately without specifics and proof (screenshots) it can be hard to narrow down the problem

Also are you using load balancers?



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