VersionConflict: (certbot 2.3.0 (/snap/certbot/2772/lib/python3.8/site-packages), Requirement.parse('certbot<2.0,>=1.18.0'))

i ran this command to install certbot, However unlike last time when it installed certbot version 1.32.2, ths time it installed 2.3.0 and i am faced with error as the version should not be greated than 2.0

I have executed below command
sudo apt update

sudo apt install snapd

sudo snap install core; sudo snap refresh core

sudo apt-get remove certbot

sudo snap install --classic certbot

It produced this output:
VersionConflict: (certbot 2.3.0 (/snap/certbot/2772/lib/python3.8/site-packages), Requirement.parse('certbot<2.0,>=1.18.0'))

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version):

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don't know):

I want to install 1.32.2 which got installed last time when i executed it, However now even if i try to revert to 1.32.2 using the code
snap revert certbot --revision=1.32.2

--it gives the error as

error: cannot decode request body into snap instruction: invalid snap revision:

See here for an explanation:


while following the above link i have tried install the old snap file directly. I have copied it from the link provided installed it with:

certbot install --classic --dangerous certbot_1.32.2_amd64.snap
however i got the below error
""error: cannot find signatures with metadata for snap66 "certbot_1.32.2_amd64.snap"```

Whoops, that should be snap install, not certbot install:

snap install --classic --dangerous certbot_1.32.2_amd64.snap

If you get that signatures error it means the --dangerous flag is missing or not working. If you have a really old snapd, it might be the old flag --force-dangerous.


@_az Isn't it also useful to know the offending plugin in this case, just to make sure it's not the same as the previous thread?


Sure. I don't think it's at all likely that a second plugin has this exact constraint, but @AbhishekAnand please provide the output of:

snap list

thanks a lot, this solved my issue

snap install --classic --dangerous certbot_1.32.2_amd64.snap

For this command to execute i had downloaded the snap file from below link and pushed to my pipeline after uploading to git repo

Thanks again