Using certs for virtual hosting (ex. Arvixe) — tools to use and/or guideline?

Apologies if this is asked already, but I appreciate a pointer to proper instruction about what to do with virtual hosting. I have typical one with ssh access based on Arvixe, so I guess I can somehow tell host that I have certificates (I have ssl/ subfolder with certs/ csrs/ keys/ and private/ folders in it). I also might have cron jobs availabe that I can use to rerun cert renewal once per 60 days.

It would be nice to know what scripts or bash commands to run to maintain the certificates, and have good manual just about that, as many host owners out there are not with personal servers with root access.

I also wish to know this…

This is a very broad question, as there are thousands of different virtual hosting providers, all set up differently.

If you have ssh access and access to the http config / ssl folders ( as the OP) then you have the option of most of the clients personally I use ACME Tiny

Most Virtual Hosting providers have a “control panel” which you use to input the certificate information ( e.g. cpanel, plesk, ISPconfig etc). Depending on which of these it is affects which client you would use. Sometimes the easiest is to talk to your hosting provider and persuade them to include it in there offering ( they can then integrate LE with their control panel ) .