Shared hosting not renewing- need new cert ERROR


Hi Guys, long story short. My hosting company will not extend the certs I have and want me to re-issue them with new certs.

They have done everything to stop me from using my own even take away features from my cpanel.
‘This feature is not available to your account.’

I tried to renew using every method but I can’t.

How can I get a cert to give to them to upload?



Hi @kramwell

short answer: Change your hoster.


haha thanks! sometimes not so easy… they have agreed to generate a CSR for me… we’ll see


@JuergenAuer - They finally did it. I had to get them to provide the CSR file then go through gethttpsforfree com then get hosting to apply


Thanks, good to know.

But domain validated certificates need automation. If a webhoster doesn’t automate that, it’s painful.


yes I am not looking forward to that every three months. gives me some breathing space for now though


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