Use Letsencrypt certificate to sign a CSR

Is it possible to use a Letsencrypt certificate to sign a CSR (e.g. to certify a local domain)?
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All ACME certificate requests use a CSR, that's part of the protocol. And for ALL certificates, the ownership of the hostname(s) needs to be verified. Using your "own" CSR doesn't change that.

So if the domain is only reachable (through HTTP or DNS) locally only, it won't work.

Edit: Boy, did I read the OP terribly.. Thought it was meant the other way around. But no, Let's Encrypt end leaf certificates cannot sign CSRs to create certificates.


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No, you cannot use a certificate that you acquire from Let's Encrypt to sign a CSR.


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please read the FAQ:

There you can see what's possible.

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