Upgrading from certbot-auto to Snap on Debian 10: can my sites be broken?

I've upgraded my server to Debian 10 (from Debian 9) and certbot-auto is broken.
certbot-auto must be replaced with the snap process. I will follow the official tutorial.
I need to delete all certbot-auto files and use Snap.

Will my sites be broken during the process if there is a problem?
I mean: will my current certificates be still available or will they be removed in the process?

I'm a bit afraid to do the process in case I encounter a problem with it.
(for example: certificates are removed and I can't build new certificates > can't access the sites when fixing the problem)

My current certificates are in /etc/letsencrypt/live/

Thank you for your help. Thank you for this great tool.

Yes, they will still be available.

Even though you are changing from certbot-auto to the Certbot snap, your data in /etc/letsencrypt will remain untouched and should continue working exactly as before, including for renewal.

You can also take a backup of that directory for extra peace of mind.


Thanks for your help!
Unfortunately, I have a problem when installing Snap :frowning: but thank you for the help about certificates. I'm no longer scared :slight_smile: thanks

snap install core
system does not fully support snapd: cannot mount squashfs image using
"squashfs": mount: /tmp/sanity-mountpoint-083448075: unknown filesystem
type 'squashfs'.

(debian 10.10 - dedicated server - no virtualization)

If for whatever reason you have a Linux kernel which does not have squashfs support compiled in, you will need probably need to use Certbot - Pip Nginx or Certbot - Pip Apache, depending on what your webserver is.

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