Updating Wordpress on IIS to Use SSL

Hi Guys.

Hope you can help. I am keen to secure my self hosted wordpress site with Lets Encrypt. I am running the latest version of word press on Windows Server 2012. What are my options for using lets encrypt with this setup.

Thanks in advance

search wordpress on this forum

there are plenty of guides on how to do this

otherwise search google for wordpress let’s encrypt

Sorry to state the obvious but if you have a specific question about instructions that you have read then post it here otherwise a bit of leg work goes a long way

A more specific question may be - i have read this guide and it’s for linux. I am trying to use client X with windows and IIS. What extra steps do i need to think about.

I am more than happy to assist with Windows related questions if they are asked but not going to do your thinking for you :smiley:


Thanks, I was not asking you to do my thinking. I was asking what options i have available.

Not to worry. Think i will look else where for a solution. You have been most helpful!

I am using letsencrypt client named “letsencrypt-win-simple” for windows server 2012 r2.
You may find it in github . This is easy to configure.
Note: If you didnt define a default ssl , everytime we generate or renew a cert , it applies to all sites. During that time go to IIS , click on that website , check bindings for corresponding certificate and click ok . Evrything will work fine .

hi @WallaceTech

Essentially the problem comes down to two parts

A) Enable SSL On your web server
B) Enable WordPress to Use HTTPS instead of HTTP

A) As mentioned by @gotham there are several windows clients to do this I recommend certify as it is a visual client http://certify.webprofusion.com/

B) Once you have SSL working on your web server for your site then the next step is to make the application (WordPress use HTTPS)

The best article I have read on this is this one:

Why - because the author approaches the transition in a slow and methodical matter that won’t make your site not work. There are lots of people who break their wordpress sites by trying to do everything at once

Another good article:

The theory is once you set the base urls to use HTTPS instead of HTTP all articles etc should update as they are relative to the base.

Sometimes this doesn’t happen so it’s good to have a tool that can update stragglers for you.

A good tool for automating the updating of internal links to HTTPS: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-https/


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