Unusable PFX file names (letsencrypt-win-simple V1.9.8.x)

We are successfully using letsencrypt-win-simple V1.9.6.2 with central certificate store on Windows Server 2016 (IIS 10).
Certificate creation and renewal works fine, certificate are saved as PFX-files in desired directory, names are myhost.mydomain.mytld.pfx

When we upgraded to letsencrypt-win-simple V 1.9.8.x, the PFX files created have names like

Because of the leading ‘DNS-Name=’ the certificates are not accepted by IIS, if we rename the files, IIS accepts and uses them.

We stepped back to V and things are ok again.

Are we doing something wrong or is there a bug in creating pfx-filenames in the newer versions of letsencrypt-win-simple?

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