IIS issue adding certificates with letsencrypt-win-simple

I installed and ran letsencrypt on my iis machine and did so with lets encrypt simple. The first test certificate installed without issue. Ran the program. Answered a few questions. Selected the host to install certificate for and it did the rest.

Per these instructions.


I went to use it a second time and no longer get option to select the host. It asks me to Choose from one of the following options. I enter a host number and the process is completely different the second time around. It is aking for username and password for azure which I did not have to use the first time. The second site uses the same registrar as the first.

Not sure what I did wrong.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

hi @digper

The easiest way may be to post an issue on the authors github

I am not sure how you are getting the messages you are getting and the descriptions you have provided are too high level to troubleshoot (screenshots for example would have been useful)


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