unknownHost error

Hi, I tried to create certificates with this command:

$ ./letsencrypt-auto certonly --verbose --standalone -d kofe-knigi.tk

but got the following error:

Domain: kofe-knigi.tk
Type:   unknownHost
Detail: No IPv4 addresses found for kofe-knigi.tk

I’ve tried it first with a domain I’ve had for a while, got this error, than registered this *.tk domain name, got the same error, tried to move it between different servers, and was still getting it. It has a correct A record, but if tested with some dns analyzing services, every dns servers had some issues, for example, https://zonemaster.se/test/a6b5c307c4c160f8 (and earlier there in history) Could the issues shown there be the problem?

Hello @sosloow,

Your problem is that kofe-knigi.tk has assigned this ip address and this address is a private address (belongs to, it can’t be used to reach your site through internet so you should change it to a valid and public address.


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Well, that was really dumb of me. Thanks, will try it with a proper ip.