Unintended Re-directs using sub-domains

Hi I am new to web administering and just started to use SSL certificates.

My web server is (include version): Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu 20.04)
I am using root shell on my machine.
The version of my client is cerbot 1.16.0

Created a letsencrypt cert successfully for domain.org
I then added subdomains to the main cert using the following
certbot -d domain.org,www.domain.org --expand -v

2 issues that I face

First : when i use https://www.domain.org
it uses the correct document directory assigned in my vhost settings eg /var/www/abc but the url of the browser changes to https://domain.org

What should I do to prevent this re-directing of url ?

Second. i create a vhost for the domain.org and having a different document directory say /var/www/html as a default virtual host. When i use https://www.domain.org it will always redirect me to https://domain.org and the document director /var/www/html

In a non-SSL environment using port 80, I do not face the same set of issues.

Appreciate anyone's help.


Welcome to the Let's Encrypt Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Check the configuration file with the port 80 VirtualHost with ServerName or ServerAlias www.domain.org. You can start with sudo apachectl -S. You might find a redirect (likely added by certbot) that is redirecting to domain.org. If not, visit redirect-checker.org to determine what software is causing the redirect. It could be something like WordPress, for example.


Hi @griffin - thanks for welcoming me. :raised_hands:

I do have a redirect statement in port80 but wonder why that would have been activated when my url is targeted specifically at port 443 using https:// instead of http://

Any suggestions on how I might prevent my sub-domains from pointing to the main domain ?

Thank you


That depends upon what is doing the redirecting. Do you have any RewriteRules in your port 443 VirtualHost or an .htaccess file?


Hi Griffin

I followed up on your comments abt redirections in my port 80 settings.
I had originally thought that these port 80 settings will not affect the port 443 settings.
I cleared up the mess by reducing to just 2 vhost settings.

And voila, the port 443 settings now worked as they should.

Thanks for pointing out.




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