Certbot - subdomain uses same root directory from domain


I have a domain.org and a sub.domain.org. The root directory from domain.org is /var/www/domain while the root directory for sub.domain.org is /var/www/sub. When I was using http everything worked fine. I ran the following commands:

certbot --apache -d domain.org -d www.domain.org


certbot --apache -d sub.domain.org

If I do this the domain.org gives an error of configuration when I try to access it. But without running the command

certbot --apache -d sub.domain.org

It works flawless the problem now is that sub.domain.org now uses the /var/www/domain instead of /var/www/sub, and I don’t know how to resolve it. Besides if I use http://sub.domain.org it redirects to https://sub.domain.org. Any idea how to fix it?

Which error exactly do you get after wich command exactly?

Isn't that the correct behaviour?

The error it gives, is in firefox that says the website was not configure properly and it is not secure.

It is not, because I did not “activate” the https for him, so it should use http only

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