Uninstalling letsencrypt


I just tried to install letsencrypt using the ./letsencrypt-auto script but cancelled after the message saying the certificate cannot be used yet to verify a website. Now i would like uninstall it properly but i found nothing to do that, is there any means ?



Hi @wizzhard. Yes, we’re currently only issuing trusted certificates to those in the beta program. You can sign up for the program here and general availability begins the week of November 16th.

As for uninstalling Let’s Encrypt, all code is installed inside of a Python virtual environment, so it should have no negative effect on your system besides the space on disk. With that said, it’s probably a good idea to do some housekeeping and remove the files if you’re not planning on using them.

If you have the environment variable XDG_DATA_HOME set, the installation is located at $XDG_DATA_HOME/letsencrypt. Otherwise, it is located at ~/.local/share/letsencrypt. You can simply delete this directory. You can also delete configuration, work, and log directories which by default are stored at /etc/letsencrypt, /var/lib/letsencrypt, and /var/log/letsencrypt respectively. The directory where you cloned our git repo can also be deleted.

Let’s Encrypt also installs some OS dependencies and how you remove these would be very OS specific. To see what dependencies were installed, take a look at the files in the bootstrap folder at the root of our git repo (link). Take a look at the shell script for your OS to see what packages are required. You can uninstall these packages through the normal means of your OS, but make sure they aren’t required by any other programs on your system.


@bmw, maybe uninstall instructions in manual/documentation ?


I tried uninstalling it like this: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/263683/uninstall-all-changes-made-by-letsencrypt

Am I missing something?