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I have a problem with a let’s encrypt certificate.

I want to uninstall the certificate but i dont know how and the thing is that I also dont know when, who and how a let’s encrypt certificate was installed in my site. I think my last programer that he doesnt work with me anymore, installed the certificate, but i really don’t know and I can’t talk with him.

I have a Wordpress site hosting by GoDaddy.

How can i do to uninstall it? Please help!

My domain is:

My hosting provider, if applicable, is:



Did you fire your programmer today? Because your Let’s Encrypt certificate was issued… today


Hi @josem3748


looks, that the renew of the certificate works.

Three certificates.

And there;include_subdomains:false;;issuer_uid:3777181390660730641&lu=cert_search

is a Godaddy certificate, created today. So there are two valide certificates.


Thanks for your reply.

I also see that, but I think the date is updated in some way.

I thought maybe some plugin produced it.

In case anyone knows Wordpress. I have these active plugins:

iThemes Security
UpdraftPlus - Backup / Restore
WP Rocket
Yoast SEO Premium


Oh - and you have a Grade A - checked via

A Grade A is rare, so it’s a good configuration with correct redirects.

So browsers prefer https and save the redirects http -> https.

HSTS is configured.

Ok, it’s too short:

Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=300

But if the automatic renew works, I wouldn’t remove it.


Thanks for the reply!

The thing is im having problems with the godaddy certificates.

GoDaddy is asking me to remove lets encrypt certificate to add new SSL certificates to some new subdomains.

For that reasson I need to remove it!


Do you know haw to remove it?


I don’t use GoDaddy. But if you use a shared hosting solution, then there should be an option to remove one certificate and upload another certificate.

So GoDaddy should be able to tell you how to do this. It’s their shared hosting, so they know the details of your setup.


Thanks for the reply!

It is a dedicated server.

They tell me they can not see where the certificate is installed. Maybe because the certificate was not installed from the hosting, but from somewhere else.

Maybe through FTP or from the backend of the site in some way.


If you have a dedicated server, there are 1000 options to install an own certificate. So everybody has the same answer as GoDaddy:

We can not see where the certificate is installed.


Thanks for the reply!

How can I ask Let’s Encrypt to revoke my certificate? Is that posible?


That doesn’t really help.

You must find your client, something like Certbot, or something else.

Then you have to stop the job which renews the certificate.

Check this list

If you are not sure whether or not your system has this already automated, refer to your distribution’s documentation, or check your system’s crontab (typically in /etc/crontab/ and /etc/cron.*/* and systemd timers ( systemctl list-timers ).

If you can deactivate this renew job, you can ignore the certificate. Then install the new certificate, so the Letsencrypt certificate is replaced.


Look for a cron job/task that runs automatically to update the cert(s):
crontab -l
crontab -l -u root

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