Unable to verify DNS TXT record

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a signed certificate for the first time with Lets Encrypt, and I am stuck in the DNS verification, where a DNS TXT record must be added to the DNS server, in this case Cloudflare. To do this I am using certbot.

But after for quiet some time adding the requested record, still there is no response from the DNS servers while nslookup at it.

This is the TXT record:

Anyone knows what part am I missing here?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @marafado88

your domain name is required to check your configuration.

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The domain name is: globalfire.pt

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Well, it exists now:

_acme-challenge.remote.globalfire.pt. 300 IN TXT "BnYU8q1C-AaImv-YwkWOqcuQ4E89wKSuX2GqIlNl49Q"

Cloudflare usually takes only a few seconds to apply DNS updates.

How come you’re doing this manually? Certbot’s Cloudflare DNS plugin is available on many OSes.


So I must be checking this record wrongly I suppose.

I was doing a simple:

nslookup -q=TXT _acme-challenge.remote.globalfire.pt

directly from my computer and through https://ping.eu/nslookup/.

Through https://network-tools.webwiz.net/nslookup.htm I was able to check now.

How did you check this record?

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I just used “dig _acme-challenge.remote.globalfire.pt txt”. I probably used a DNS resolver that didn’t have anything related to the domain cached.

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