Root certificate and verification.

Hello everyone,

Ive got a question when I hosted my site i originally had certificate authority through google. I also had licensed through another party with cloudflare and now as i have done alot of searching through through DNS records and hosting information. I have found "lets encrypt" holding a certificate. I have alot of bot traffic to a non server domain that is getting security hits. Im needing to know about this certificate and how to verify my domain without opening ports while another person can be doing the same to send me things unwelcoming.

Cloudflare grab certificare with DNS auth from multiple CAs (they even add CAA record if needed) but those should be wildcard so not sure how it got actual domain


I am not sure exactly what you are asking but the DNS Challenge uses only DNS records and does not require HTTP or HTTPS requests to your domain

But, this may also be helpful to manage bot traffic