Unable to meet CA SCT embedding requirements


Please fill out the fields below so we can help you better. Note: you must provide your domain name to get help. Domain names for issued certificates are all made public in Certificate Transparency logs (e.g. https://crt.sh/?q=example.com), so withholding your domain name here does not increase secrecy, but only makes it harder for us to provide help.

My domain is:


I ran this command:

sudo certbot --nginx -d dercocenteryusic.cl -d www.dercocenteryusic.cl

It produced this output:

Saving debug log to /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log
Plugins selected: Authenticator nginx, Installer nginx
Starting new HTTPS connection (1): acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org
Obtaining a new certificate
Performing the following challenges:
http-01 challenge for dercocenteryusic.cl
http-01 challenge for www.dercocenteryusic.cl
Waiting for verification…
Cleaning up challenges
An unexpected error occurred:
The server experienced an internal error :: Error finalizing order :: Unable to meet CA SCT embedding requirements
Please see the logfiles in /var/log/letsencrypt for more details.

My web server is (include version):


The operating system my web server runs on is (include version):

Ubuntu 18.04

My hosting provider, if applicable, is:


I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don’t know):


I’m using a control panel to manage my site (no, or provide the name and version of the control panel):



Can you try again?

You didn’t do anything wrong – that error message just means Let’s Encrypt had a problem. (Or several of the Certificate Transparency services Let’s Encrypt uses had problems.)

With luck, it’ll be ok now.


It’s on the status page now:



I can confirm this is related to the incident on the status page.

@albertosoho I believe the root cause has been remediated and you’ll be able to retry with success now.


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